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Wireless Radiation Safety
NEWS - Cordless Phones Like Having A Mobile Phone Tower In Your Home! European studies reveal clear link between cordless phone use and brain cancer! read more...
NEWS - Perth Electrical and Wireless Radiation Inspections. FREE low radiation digital alarm clock & microwave oven leakage detection with every inspection! » read more...
NEWS - World Health Organisation reclassifies mobile phone use in the "carcinogenic hazard" category based on increased brain cancer risk. » read more...
NEWS - Energy saver light bulbs high in radiation and mercury! How to keep you and your family safe. » read more....
NEWS - Soon all new mobile phones sold in India will carry radiation tags. » read more....
Wireless Radiation
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10 Hidden Electrical & Wireless Radiation Dangers In Your
Home & Workplace!
If you're concerned about
the HEALTH of you & your
family you MUST read this!
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Wireless Radiation
mobile phone radiation
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Radiation Safety
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Cordless Phone Radiation Impacts the Heart

Cordless Phones Impact The Heart

Study shows that wireless radiation
from cordless digital phones can
immediately affect the heart causing
irregular and rapid heart rate - must see!
cordless phone radiation

EMF Safe Are the Electrical &
Wireless Radiation Safety Experts

  • Specialists in EMF radiation safety
  • Our mission is to build EMF awareness, recognise the exposures in your environment and to provide a scientific approach to reducing the risks to you and your family's health
  • Founded and operated by qualified engineers
  • Independently validated & tested technologies
  • Official Australian distribution partner to the world's leading EMF radiation safety companies
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Is Your House Making You Sick?
We'll Find a Radiation Danger in Your Home or We’ll PAY YOU $100!
Perth Electrical & Wireless
Radiation Safety Inspections

Do you or any of your family
suffer from headaches, sleeping
difficulties, dizziness, migraines,
loss of memory, depression,
fatigue, nausea? Most homes have high sources of electrical and electrical and wireless radiation that can impact your health! Are you aware of the long term damage this may be causing you and your family?
Low Radiation Cordless Phones Cordless Phones Like Having A Mobile Phone Tower In Your Home!
Low Radiation Cordless Phones
European studies reveal a clear
link between cordless phone use
and brain cancer. Reduce your
radiation exposures! The only
cordless phones available in
Australia that do not emit 24*7
background radiation and reduce radiation by 80% during calls!
Ensure you and your family are safe!
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The Protection Shop Start reducing your exposure
to EMF radiation today!
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up to 99% radiation reduction...
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up to 99% radiation reduction...
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mobile phone radiation protection