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Wireless Radiation Safety
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Wireless Radiation
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Electrical Radiation Detection Gauss Meter Hire

FREE Australia-Wide Forward & Return Post (Overnight Express Delivery)
FREE Access to EMF Hot Spot Interactive to Guide Your Inspection
FREE Priority Email Support


  • Most homes and workplaces will have electrical EMF radiation hot spots that can easily exceed the exposure levels known to impact on you and your family’s health
  • Do you spend time next to power meter boxes/switchboards, bedside electrical alarm clocks, power adaptors/transformers and other high EMF radiation emitting sources?
  • Do you live or work nearby to high-voltage power lines or electrical substations?
  • Planning to purchase or rent a home/apartment and want to know if the dwelling is safe before making an irreversible decision?
  • Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, dizziness, sleeping disturbances, depression, fatigue, loss of memory and haven't been able to find the reason?
  • The longer-term impacts of EMF radiation exposures include brain tumours, leukaemia (including children), breast cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, low male fertility, behavioural disorders, cardiovascular impacts and compromised immune systems
  • Understand the EMF radiation dangers in your home & workplace and what to do about them
  • Keep your family safe!


  • 1 week's rental included in price
  • High accuracy, high sensitivity digital tri-axial gaussmeter tests electrical radiation from all electrical devices, electrical wiring, power meter boxes/switchboards, power lines and electrical substations
  • 7 day hire included in price
  • Simple to use (switch it on and read value on screen), comes with easy to follow instructions including safety reference levels to determine if readings are low to high based on strict European guidelines and up-to-date scientific studies
  • Free accces too EMF Hot Spot Interactive to know where to look for high exposure sources in your home
  • Free priority email support
  • Free Platinum (registered) express-post to your home and includes return express post satchel for easy return
  • This kit only tests for electrical (magnetic field) radiation. For wireless (RF) radiation testing (to test emissions from cordless & mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, games consoles, baby monitors, mobile phone towers etc) please consider our Wireless Radiation Detection Kits or better still our combined Electrical & Wireless Radiation Detection Kits to check for all EMF radiation exposures in your home & workplace.
  • If you’d like to discuss the results of your testing to clarify findings and discuss recommendations, you may optionally select for a follow-up telephone consultation above. Telephone consultations are conducted by EMF Safe’s lead engineer and founder Sam Aoun and are performed on Saturdays only. Please with your order number and preferred date and time after you’ve paid for your detection kit.
  • All rentals are subject to our Rental Terms and Conditions.
For more information on the dangers of EMF radiation we recommend reading our free eBook, 10 Hidden Electrical and Wireless EMF Radiation Dangers in Your Home & Workplace and reading our free EMF Radiation Health Risk articles.

Electrical Radiation Detection Gauss Meter Hire

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