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Wireless Radiation Safety
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Wireless Radiation
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EMF Radiation Reducing Auto-Off Switch


Australia-Wide Registered Post: $9.95


  • Own an electrical or wireless emissions device that comes with a standby mode eg. games consoles such as Xbox360, TVs, stereos, PVRs etc?
  • These devices often emit levels of radiation known to impact your health, 24*7 even when the devices are not in use (in standby mode)
  • Electrical and wireless radiation exposures levels from these devices are known to impact on your health
  • Reduce your radiation exposure automatically when these devices are not in use
  • Save electricity, save money.


  • Low EMF Auto-Off Switch to cut exposures from radiation-emitting devices automatically when not in use
  • Auto-Off Switch will automatically turn off the power completely to all connected electrical appliances when you place them in standby mode
  • To turn your appliance back on you simply press any nominated button on your existing IR remote control of your choice
  • Our auto-off switches have been tested to for no measurable electrical radiation 20cm or more from the device
  • Save energy and save money
  • Can be used on a single piece of equipment (eg. games console) or an existing power board to control multiple appliances
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Maximum load: 2400 watts
  • 1.2 metre cable for the IR sensor receiver


We all leave our TVs, audio and game consoles in standby move rather than turning them completely off. Our auto-off switches provides a simple and automatic way in which to ensure they are turned off and not left in standby mode removing background electrical and wireless EMF radiation produced.

Living room environments and particularly the bedroom should be totally free of electrical or wireless radiation exposures. Often high electrical and wireless EMF radiation exposures occur whilst sleeping at night from nearby electrical and wireless radiation emitting devices including games consoles, TVs, stereos etc.

For electrical and wireless radiation devices that do not have a standby mode (eg. cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers etc) we recommend our FREE eBook for more information.

EMF Radiation Reducing Auto-Off Switch

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