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Wireless Radiation
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Low EMF Radiation Digital Bedside Alarm Clock - Rounded Edge

Australia-Wide Registered Post: $9.95


  • Electrical alarm clocks are one of the highest sources of electrical (EMF) radiation exposure in the home and should be avoided!
  • They leak high amounts of electrical radiation and are placed close to our heads where we spend significant time next to them whilst sleeping.
  • EMF Safe recommends low radiation battery-operated alarm clocks. Note: not all battery operated alarm clocks are low radiation.
  • Low Radiation Square Edge Digital Clock also available.
  • Low Radiation Analogue Clock also available.


  • Low radiation battery-operated alarm clock.
  • Tested for EMF radiation exposures – electrical radiation drops off to background levels within a few cms from device. Conventional electrical alarm clocks register high radiation levels up to 2 meters away.
  • Intelligent light adjustment – built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the background light level based on how dark it is in room (battery saver). This can be switched off completely (no backlight) to minimise sleep disturbance.
  • 3X AAA batteries (not included) - low battery consumption.
  • Snooze/light button on top for easy use with pleasant white illumination when pressed.
  • Ascending/crescendo alarm with snooze.
  • Calendar and temperature display.
  • 12/24hr format.
  • Dimensions: 13.8cm*8cm*4.5cm.
  • Quality timepiece, modern look.
Our digital bedside alarm clocks have been tested for low EMF electrical radiation. We recommend them to all families interested in their health and wellbeing. Radiation exposures in the bedroom environment should be reduced or eliminated given the rest and repair our bodies require whilst sleeping. Further our low radiation digital alarm clocks come with a background light switch to avoid sleep disruption. Light in the sleep environment has also been shown to reduce the body's production of melatonin which has been found in scientific studies to cause increased cancer risk.

See our FREE eBook for more information.

Low EMF Radiation Digital Bedside Alarm Clock - Rounded Edge

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