Radiation Reducing Digital Electrical Timer



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  • Own a Wi-Fi router, cordless phone, games console or other wireless radiation emitting device?
  • Have electrical equipment in the bedroom?
  • Most of these devices emit electrical and wireless radiation 24*7 even when not in use
  • Electrical and wireless radiation exposures from these devices are known to impact on your health
  • Most of the radiation exposures from these devices can occur when they are not being used, most often when you are asleep!
  • Reduce your radiation exposure by automatically switching off these electrical and wireless radiation sources at set times when not in use eg. during sleeping hours


  • Low EMF Digital Electrical Timer to cut exposures from radiation-emitting devices at set times
  • Note: Conventional electrical timers are themselves very high electrical EMF radiation sources, registering high radiation levels up to 2 meters away
  • Our electronic timer units have been tested to for no measurable electrical radiation 20cm or more from the device
  • Fully featured with battery backup, digital display, 24 hour or 7 day operation, daylight saving setting
Living room environments and particularly the bedroom should be totally free of electrical or wireless radiation exposures. Often high electrical and wireless EMF radiation exposures occur whilst sleeping at night from nearby cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, electrical adapters, games consoles and other electrical devices.

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