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Wireless Radiation Safety
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Wireless Radiation
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Pong iPad 2/3/4 (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Case

Australia-Wide Registered Post: $14.95


  • Pong is the First Intelligent Case for your iPad
  • It gives you Performance and Protection by redistributing wireless energy that would otherwise be wasted
  • Protects you and your tablet by redirecting wireless energy away from you
  • Reduces your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation by up to 52%
  • Improves performance over any other case - Sensor-friendly design allows up to 4.9x transmitted power over all other cases
  • Increases speed - 2.6x faster cellular uploads over any other case
  • Pong cases are tested and proven in the same labs that test the devices for government certification. These independent labs are certified to U.S. (FCC), European (CE), Canadian (IC) and Australian (ACA) government standards.
  • Soft micro-liner interior cushions your iPad


  • Compatible with Australian 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads
  • Origami cover folds into multiple configurations: choose the ideal position for typing, browsing or watching videos
  • Built-in Antenna Technology - A patented, wafer-thin antenna inside the case pairs automatically with the antenna inside your iPad when you snap it on
  • Supports automatic sleep-wake functionality on opening and closing of cover
  • Delivers better Wi-Fi reception and range

Pong iPad 2/3/4 (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Case

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