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Wireless Radiation Safety
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Wireless Radiation
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RF3 ENVi Mono Earhook


Australia-Wide Registered Post: $9.95


  • Best possible mobile phone protection available on the market today
  • Conventional headsets conduct wireless radiation from the mobile phone through the wire straight into your ear
  • Airtube (stethoscope) technology - recommended mobile phone safety solution by leading EMF radiation safety studies eg. Seletun Scientific Declaration
  • Reduce mobile phone SAR radiation exposure by up to 99% below FCC limit
  • Protect your head and body from unnecessary radiation exposure
  • Reduce concerns about radiation health risks
  • Superb quality and well balanced sound with perfect clarity - produces a "live" sound with no interference
  • Feel and hear the natural balance and body of your music


  • Lightweight, 2-way adjustable ear hook that fits securely and comfortably while jogging or walking (fits right ear only)
  • Revolutionary AircomTM technology airtube, for the safest, most comfortable, and enjoyable listening experience
  • Wire terminates before the ear with clear sound conducted via air-tube into your ear reducing EMF radiation exposures significantly
  • Natural Wood Look - wood is one of the best sound conductors in the world, and it is brought to life through the beautiful grain finish. The natural sound resonance provided with these headsets gives you the live sound effect that feels as good as it sounds.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Envi products help to protect the environment through the use of recycled materials in their Envi manufacturing. Save the planet and your ears, too.
  • Come with eartips in small, medium, large sizes for comfortable fit
  • Standard 3.5mm jack (gold plated) compatible with most portable electronic devices and phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, iPod, iPad etc
  • In-line mic with on/off switch
  • High quality design & construction

RF3 ENVi Mono Earhook


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