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Wireless Radiation Safety
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Wireless Radiation
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Perth EMF Radiation Safety Test Inspection

All inspections come with:


  • Most homes and workplaces will have electrical and wireless EMF radiation hot spots that can easily exceed the exposure levels known to impact on you and your family’s health
  • Do you spend time next to electrical & wireless devices including power meter boxes/switchboards, bedside electrical alarm clocks, power adaptors/transformers, cordless & mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, games consoles, baby monitors and other high EMF radiation emitting sources?
  • Do you live or work nearby to high-voltage power lines, electrical substations or mobile phone towers?
  • Planning to purchase or rent a home/apartment and want to know if the dwelling is safe before making an irreversible decision?
  • Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, dizziness, sleeping disturbances, depression, fatigue, loss of memory and haven't been able to find the reason?
  • The longer-term impacts of EMF radiation exposures include brain tumours, leukaemia (including children), breast cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, low male fertility, behavioural disorders, cardiovascular impacts and compromised immune systems
  • Understand the EMF radiation dangers in your home or workplace and what to do about them
  • Keep your family safe!


  • EMF Safe undertakes professional inspections which can identify electrical and wireless EMF hot spots in the home or workplace
  • Where hot spots are identified, EMF Safe provides practical recommendations to reducing exposures
  • Ensure you have your EMF test inspection conducted by a qualified engineer. The founder of EMF Safe, Sam Aoun, holds a Bachelor of Engineering and conducts all inspections
  • Inspection reports are emailed within 2 business days after completion of inspection however results and recommendations are discussed on the day
  • All inspections include a FREE microwave oven leakage detection test
  • EMF inspections (including pre-purchase & pre-rental inspections) cost $330 for an average size home (4 bedrooms or less) within 15km of the Perth CBD


Perth EMF Radiation Safety Test Inspection

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