Wireless EMF Radiation Health Risks – Reproductive Impacts

A recent study established that the movement of male sperm towards the female egg in the ovary occurs in a pathway created electrically (Lishko, 2010). A Chinese study identified toxic changes in the reproductive organs of female rats when exposed to 30 MHz wireless radiation (Xu, 2009).

Other studies conducted on people that were exposed to wireless radiation have confirmed significant impacts on human reproductive systems. Two Norwegian studies on navy personnel exposed to wireless radiation revealed an elevated risk of male infertility, with the risk of infertility increasing proportionately with the level and duration of exposure (Baste, 2008; Mollerlokken, 2008). This study also identified an interesting fact that the birth of girls exceeded that of boys for males exposed to wireless radiation.

Another study (Ouellet-Hellstrom and Stewart, 1993) on occupational exposure to wireless radiation concentrated on pregnant physiotherapists. Due to their nature of work, they are constantly exposed to wireless radiation, even though such radiation was not of high intensity but nearly equal to the levels found in homes and work places that had wireless LAN systems (Wi-Fi), cordless DECT phones and near mobile phone base stations. Still, the study showed that the risk of miscarriage in such physiotherapists increased with constant exposure to even low intensity wireless radiations.

Wireless EMF Radiation Protection – All Homes and Workplaces Should Be Tested

Most homes and workplaces will have hot spots that emit constant wireless radiation (eg. near Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, game consoles, neighbours’ wireless devices etc) that can easily exceed the exposure levels known to impact on you and your family’s health. EMF Safe recommends all homes and workplaces be tested for EMF exposures. Often simple changes can be made to reduce or avoid elevated exposures when they are found. EMF Safe rents EMF Detection Kits nationwide that are excellent for this purpose and come with easy to follow instructions including safety reference levels.


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