Perth Microwave Radiation Leakage Testing

Microwave Ovens Produce Strong Electrical and Radio Frequency (Microwave) Radiation Levels

  • The magnetron of a microwave oven produces microwave radiation at a frequency of 2.45GHz, similar to the radiation produced by mobile phones, cordless phones and Wi-Fi networks
  • Radiation from microwave ovens can blanket an area of 10 meters or more from the oven itself
  • Radiation levels within the kitchen are likely to be significantly higher than those from being close to a mobile phone base-station
  • Even a correctly functioning microwave oven can produce levels of microwave radiation well above 20mw/m2 at 1 meter away. Studies have shown symptoms of health problems can commence at levels of 0.01mw/m2.
  • Microwaves will travel through walls with little change to radiation intensity
  • It is a little known fact that a microwave oven also produce high levels of electrical radiation (50Hz). Standing 30cm away from a correctly functioning microwave can also expose you to upwards of 400mG (milliGauss) of electrical radiation. A level of 4mG has been strongly associated with leukaemia.

For more information we recommend reading our EMF Radiation Health Risk articles that summarises the best medical and scientific research available today on the dangers of electrical and radio frequency radiation exposures.

Microwave Oven Usage Precautions

  • Stand at least 2 meters away from the oven when in use
  • Children and pregnant women in particularly should avoid standing near the microwave when running (ideally away from the kitchen)
  • Do not open the microwave oven until the beeping stops
  • Have your microwave inspected annually for radiation leakage

Why We Recommend Microwave Ovens Be Tested Annually

  • Microwave oven safety should be taken seriously
  • Microwave emissions can change with normal use
  • Faults can occur with microwave ovens due to deteriorating door seals & hinges, poor maintenance, rough handling etc
  • If the microwave door doesn’t close correctly, is warped, bent or otherwise damaged, don’t use it at all!
  • Unless periodically tested they may become a health and safety hazard without you being aware

Perth Metropolitan Microwave Radiation Leakage Testing

EMF Safe undertakes professional microwave radiation leakage testing inspections. Ensure you have your microwave tested by a qualified engineer. The founder of EMF Safe, Sam Aoun, holds a Bachelor of Engineering and conducts all inspections. Microwave radiation leakage inspections cost $99 within 15km of the Perth CBD.

All inspections include FREE access to EMF Hot Spot Interactive to help you reduce EMF radiation exposures in your home and workplace.

All microwave radiation leakage tests are performed in accordance with AS/NZS 60335.2.2 (Microwave Ovens) covering radiation emission levels and door interlock functioning. Once testing has been completed, a pass/fail certification label indicating radiation emission level is affixed to the microwave.

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