Wireless EMF Radiation Health Risks – Biological, Blood, Sleep and Other Impacts

Biological Changes

Studies have clearly established that wireless radiations impact the behaviour of calcium in the cells of all living organisms. A very early report mentioned that wireless radiation is capable of structurally removing calcium ions from the membranes of the cells, even if the intensity of the radiation is very low and does not generate any heat (Bawen, 1975).

When calcium ions are removed from the cell membranes due to exposure to wireless radiation, the leakage releases enzymes that can seriously damage the entire cell and also the DNA structure of the cell. When DNA damage occurs, the cell division in the bone marrow is disrupted. This seriously impacts the production of white blood cells, leading to a significant reduction in immunity to various diseases (Del Vecchio, 2009a).

The wireless radiation pulses are quite harmful due to their very short wavelength. When the transmitted pulses rise and fall at very high speeds, the fast rate of change in the wireless radiation is the major cause of biological damage. Such quick changes removes the calcium ions from the cells, leading to adverse health effects observed in various studies so far. A study revealed that the interaction between the natural qualities of the cells and wireless radiation led to instant interaction between them and impacts to the optimal functioning of the cells (Hyland, 2008). Another recent study exposed people to mobile phone base stations with low levels of wireless radiation and discovered that the saliva of the participants contained several stress biomarkers (Augner, 2010).

A study of the nervous systems of newborn rats applied a radiation of 2.5 GHz, which is similar to the wireless radiation found in classrooms with Wi-Fi connections (Orendacova, 2009). The study found changes in proliferating numbers dependant on dosage and age. Another recent study applied 900 Hz radiation and discovered that the growth and maturation of neurite was substantially reduced (Del Vecchio, 2009b). There is no doubt that wireless radiation results in serious biological health issues.

Changes in Blood

A study on the effect of 900MHz radiation on neutrophils found out that the direction and speed of neutrophils was severely affected (Aly, 2008). This finding is significant because neutrophils play a major role in destroying pathogens formed in the body.

Changes in Sleeping Patterns

The biological clocks of human beings use cryptochrome. It had been established that wireless radiation impacts the level of cryptochrome in the body, resulting in disturbed sleeping patterns (Ritz, 2004). People living near mobile phone towers were observed to suffer from fatigue during daytime and they had interrupted and disturbed sleep in the night. Apart from cryptochrome, the production of melatonin also led to changes in sleeping patterns. A study in Switzerland concentrated on the sleeping patterns of people living near a radio transmitter in Schwarzenburg when the radio transmitter was functioning and after it was closed in 1998 (Altpeter, 2006). The study established that the excretion of melatonin increased and the quality of their sleep improved after broadcasting was stopped.

Another study focused on women who were sensitive to wireless radiation, particularly the post menopause women (Clark, 2007). The study concluded that the melatonin levels in this group of women reduced substantially when exposed to wireless radiation. Since melatonin is an important hormone in the functioning of human body, further studies on the exact effect of wireless radiations on melatonin level are required.


A recent study established that people exposed to wireless radiation from mobile phone base stations suffered from headaches but their cognitive capacities did not change significantly (Riddervold, 2008).


A study on rabbits concluded that wireless radiation from GSM mobile phone towers impacted hearing functions (Budak, 2009).


An earlier study identified increased risk of autism in cases of neo-natal and foetal exposures to wireless radiation, compared to the babies not exposed to such radiation (Kane, 2004).

Wireless EMF Radiation Protection – All Homes and Workplaces Should Be Tested

Most homes and workplaces will have hot spots that emit constant wireless radiation (eg. near Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, game consoles, neighbours’ wireless devices etc) that can easily exceed the exposure levels known to impact on you and your family’s health. EMF Safe recommends all homes and workplaces be tested for EMF exposures. Often simple changes can be made to reduce or avoid elevated exposures when they are found. EMF Safe rents EMF Detection Kits nationwide that are excellent for this purpose and come with easy to follow instructions including safety reference levels.


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