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Welcome! EMF Safe is a family business. Just like you, we care about our health and well being!

As an electrical and computer engineer my interest in EMF radiation safety was sparked

many years ago after reading about the health dangers of EMF radiation exposures in the home. At the time, testing of our newly built family home found high levels of electrical radiation inside the master bedroom. Like many Australian homes, the household power meter box was mounted outside the bedroom wall creating levels electrical radiation inside known to significantly increase risks of leukemia amongst other health concerns.

EMF Safe’s experience has shown time and again, that most households and workplaces have ‘hotspots’ of high electrical and wireless EMF radiation. Many times, these EMF exposure sources are local to your home (eg. electrical alarm clocks, digital cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers etc). Often these hotspots are located in areas of the home where significant time is spent (eg. bedrooms, living areas etc). The electrical and wireless radiation levels found next to these hotspots (as well as mobile phone usage) have been shown in a growing body of international scientific research to impact the health of individuals. Symptoms range from headaches, migraines, dizziness, loss of memory, concentration, behavioural disorders, sleeping disorders, depression, fatigue, nausea, irritability through to more significant health concerns including hearing disruption, cardiovascular impacts, miscarriage, low male fertility, birth defects, brain tumour, leukaemia, breast cancer and compromised immune systems.

EMF Safe recommends individuals and families interested in their long-term health and well-being build their awareness of EMF radiation dangers. EMF Safe has invested in building many quality EMF safety educational resources (eBooks, articles, blogs, EMF Hotspot Interactive, Test Your Wireless Radiation Exposure etc) most of which are freely available from our website. EMF Hotspot Interactive & Test Your Wireless Radiation Exposure are world first technologies we recommend to you.

EMF Safe encourages all individuals and families inspect their homes and workplaces for electrical and wireless radiation exposures. Often simple changes to your home or workplace can significantly reduce your exposure and the health risks that come with them.

Our simple to use EMF Radiation Detection Kits are specially designed for this purpose. EMF Safe also undertake professional EMF Radiation Safety Test Inspections in the Perth metropolitan area.

EMF Safe is a customer-service oriented business and appreciates your feedback. Please share with us any ideas on how we can make your online experience better, your personal experience with our products & services or products you are searching for. We trust you’ll find our website of value and feel privileged to assist you in maintaining your chosen path of wellness and vitality!

Sam Aoun (B.Eng)
Telstra/Australian Financial Review National Industry Award Recipient
Qualified Engineer
20 Year Engineering Background