Wireless EMF Radiation Health Risks – Cancers & Brain Tumour

It has been accepted by scientists that wireless EMF radiation can interfere with the bio-electro-chemical signalling systems in our bodies. When such signalling systems and mechanisms are affected by wireless radiation, the cells in the body can convert to being cancerous. Studies have also established that wireless EMFs compromise the ability of the immune system of the body to repair pre-cancerous cell damage.

Several studies have established increased cancer and brain tumour risk from wireless EMF radiation from mobile phones and mobile phone towers. After analysing more than 100 studies, Dr. Vini Gautam Khuran (an Australian brain surgeon) identified significant evidence to suggest an association between the time spent on mobile phones and the deferred occurrence of brain tumour on the side of the head that is the “preferred side” whilst using a mobile phone. He concluded that you are two to four times more at risk of brain tumour if you use mobile phones heavily.

Other studies also revealed that the risk of cancer for those living near mobile phone towers rose by 3 times (Eger, 2004) and more than 4 times (Wolf & Wolf, 2004), compared to people living away from mobile towers. The first study mentioned that people exposed to wireless radiation developed health impacts faster, while the second study suggested that the risk of women developing cancer from such exposure was 10 times more than men. Another study established that the incidence of melanoma increased proportionately with the number of mobile phone towers or transmitters (Hallberg & Johansson, 2009).

Several studies have confirmed that occupational exposure to wireless EMF radiation enhanced the risk of the development of cancer, leukaemia and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL). The reasons for such elevated risks vary for different occupations. For example, firefighters had been found to face higher risk of cancer-related deaths. Such deaths occurred from various types of cancers, such as male breast cancer, cancers of the brain, thyroid, stomach, urinary bladder, prostate, testes, rectum and colon, leukaemia, NHL and multiple myeloma (Milham, 2009). It is believed that the increased risk of firefighters to cancer is due to their exposure wireless radiation that is generated by their 2-way communication devices and radio transmitters in the firefighting vehicles and fire stations.

It had been found that the occurrence of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma had been on the rise in many Western countries but the reasons for such development have not been established so far. A study monitoring the military personnel in Poland for more than 15 years showed that the risk of development of chronic leukaemia climbed 14 times more in personnel exposed to wireless EMF radiation, particularly in their old age (Szmigielski, 1996). The risk of incidence of acute leukaemia rose by 9 times and the occurrence of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma increased by 6 times in such personnel, according to the study. Even though the average exposure levels of such radiations in this study were found to be only in the range of 5 microwatts/cm2, these estimated levels were equal to the wireless radiation levels present near highly powerful mobile phone base stations, as well as radio and TV transmission towers.

Wireless EMF Radiation Protection – All Homes and Workplaces Should Be Tested

Most homes and workplaces will have hot spots that emit constant wireless radiation (eg. near Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, game consoles, neighbours’ wireless devices etc) that can easily exceed the exposure levels known to impact on you and your family’s health. EMF Safe recommends all homes and workplaces be tested for EMF exposures. Often simple changes can be made to reduce or avoid elevated exposures when they are found. EMF Safe rents EMF Detection Kits nationwide that are excellent for this purpose and come with easy to follow instructions including safety reference levels.


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