Wireless EMF Radiation Health Risks – Neurological Impacts

One of the earliest studies in Latvia on the neurological impact due to wireless radiation revealed that school children living near a radio station suffered from poor motor functions, problems in attention and memory and slower reaction time (Kolodynski & Kolodynska, 1996). Later, another researcher suggested that GSM phones generated pulsing patterns that can resonate easily with lower frequency brain waves in humans (Hyland, 2008).

This prediction was confirmed by officials of the Public Health Department of Salzburg when they measured the changes in brain waves in volunteers. These volunteers were exposed to 1V/m (=2.65mW/m2, similar to levels found near to cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers etc in the home) of pulsed radiation at a distance of 80 meters from a GSM mobile base station. EEG measurements of the changes in brain waves with strengths of alpha 1, alpha 2 and beta were documented. Another recent study had also established that even low frequency wireless radiation resulted in substantial EEG changes, signifying strong impact on the functioning of the brain (Vorobyov, 2010).

Wireless EMF Radiation Protection – All Homes and Workplaces Should Be Tested

Most homes and workplaces will have hot spots that emit constant wireless radiation (eg. near Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, game consoles, neighbours’ wireless devices etc) that can easily exceed the exposure levels known to impact on you and your family’s health. EMF Safe recommends all homes and workplaces be tested for EMF exposures. Often simple changes can be made to reduce or avoid elevated exposures when they are found. EMF Safe rents EMF Detection Kits nationwide that are excellent for this purpose and come with easy to follow instructions including safety reference levels.


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