Cordless Phones Like Having A Mobile Phone Tower In Your Home!

A series of Swedish studies have revealed a clear link between the wireless radiation from cordless phones and brain cancers and T-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancers.

Study lead Professor Hardell concluded that the health risks from cordless phones are similar to regular mobile phone usage, since they continually emit and are in rooms where people spend more time in than their usage time of mobile phones.

EMF Safe have found through testing that most cordless phones sold in Australia emit similar levels of wireless radiation as being within 50 metres of a mobile phone tower and continue to emit maximum radiation even when not in use.

“They are like having a mobile phone tower in your home. Most Australians are unaware of the dangerous levels of 24*7 background radiation emitted from cordless phones and their base stations. They can emit levels of background radiation up to 1,000 times higher than the levels shown by studies to cause health problems” finds EMF Safe founder and engineer Sam Aoun.

“With wireless radiation exposure, proximity to the source and length of exposure are two very important factors. Many people go to bed every night with their cordless phone nearby to their head exposing themselves to significant levels of wireless microwave radiation, during the time of day when their body is most susceptible”.

“Further, they can be more dangerous than mobile phones as users often spend longer on their cordless phone calls and they can emit higher levels of direct radiation than mobiles”.

Cordless phone use has also been linked to headaches, earaches, fatigue, concentration, memory loss and increased heart rate.

Recommended Cordless Phones

EMF Safe recommends low-radiation corded phones or low-radiation cordless phones used in speaker mode.

Siemens Gigaset ECO DECT Cordless Phones are the only cordless phones recommended by EMF Safe and are the only low radiation cordless phones available in Australia that can be configured to emit no radiation from the base station & all handsets when not in use and an up to 80% reduction in radiation levels during phone calls.

Gigaset cordless phones are also eco-friendly using technology that helps preserve the environment by reducing power consumption.

EMF Safe recommend Siemens Gigaset ECO DECT cordless phones be correctly configured for low radiation settings (FREE instructions are exclusively provided with all phones sold by EMF Safe to ensure multiple setting combinations are correctly configured) and are used in speaker (handsfree) mode to further reduce radiation exposures when in use.


Energy Saving Bulbs Safety Alert!

Health Canada is reviewing the safety of energy-saving light bulbs to determine whether the amount of UV light and electromagnetic radiation they emit is safe. The federal government launched its study on compact fluorescent lights in December, following several public health warnings by British medical professionals.

Energy Saving Bulbs Safety Alert (Warning – Graphic Content)

New study shows mobile phones exceed FCC exposure limits by as much as double for children

A scholarly article on mobile phone safety published online October 17, 2011, in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine reports the finding that mobile phones used in the shirt or pants pocket exceed FCC exposure guidelines and that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from phones as do adults.

Australian Government Radiation Safety Watchdog Warns Children Should Limit Mobile Phone Use

CHILDREN have been warned to text, rather than talk, on their mobile phones by the federal Government’s radiation safety watchdog.

The official caution was issued last week by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, following a decade-long study into the health effects of using mobile phones.

The agency said children needed to take precautions to protect themselves from exposure to radiation because health risks from their long-term mobile phone use were still unknown.

“Children should be encouraged to limit exposure from mobile phones to their heads by reducing call time, by making calls where reception is good, by using hands-free devices or speaker options, or by texting,” it said.

Mobile Phone Radiation May Alter Your Brain. Let’s Talk.

In a culture where people cradle their mobile phones next to their heads with the same constancy and affection that toddlers hold their security blankets, it was unsettling last month when a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that doing so could alter brain activity.

Mobile Phones and the Brain: Faith, Hope and Calamity

It turns out that the same microwave radiation that powers mobile phones weakens the brain’s natural protective barrier — in fact, some brain cancer specialists use this radiation to enhance the delivery of chemotherapy into the brain. A few hours a day of mobile phone radiation reduces sperm count and produces misshapen and more sickly sperm in both animals and humans, found studies by some of the world’s top experts in Australia, Turkey, Greece and the U.S.

Weaker Bones and Mobile Phone Use Linked in Study

A small study out of Argentina suggests that mobile phone users might be at heightened risk for a weakening of bone in the hip area. Researchers measured bone mineral content and bone mineral density in the left and right hips of 24 men who carried their mobile phone on their right hip for at least one year, and 24 men who did not use mobile phones. The men who carried mobile phones on their right hip had lower mineral content in the area near the top of the thigh bone.